Tank Track Flexible Insulated Preheater 60V : GHT 5503

Product code: GHT5503

For preheating, a flexible insulated preheater is used which is identical to the ceramic heater but with a superwool insulation mat encased in stainless steel mesh and a stainless steel backing attached. The preheater can be used on both a flat or curved surface and is attached to the pipe by a magnet (GHT 9307). The stainless steel backing allows the magnet to make a strong connection between the ceramic heater and the pipe quickly and with ease. These FIP’S are used to preheat up to a temperature of 250 Degrees C.

Similar in design to CP3 aand CP4 flexible Insulated Preheaters, the Tank Track heater is constructed from robust tank track beads..

Specification:  100mm x 775mm (I tank track bead x 24 tank track beads), 60 Volt, 2.7kW


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