Poldi Pocket Hardness Testing Kit : GHT 9308

Product code: GHT9308

  • Poldi Pocket Hardness Testing Kit
  • The hammer type Poldi impact hardness tester is useful for simple and quick determination of Brinell hardness of metals such as steel, cast iron, brass, aluminium, and copper etc.
  • Due to easy handling and maneuverability, this tester is most suitable for testing heavy castings and other components which are difficult to be carried to a table type hardness tester.
  • The diameters of indentations are measured by a special “Magnifiscope” measuring magnifier supplied with the tester.
  • By referring to the table provided, the hardness of the specimen can be determined.
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170mm x 65mm x 40mm

Product Code

GHT 9308

Brinell Ball Diameter


Magnifiscope Range


Magnifiscope scale graduations