P159CF Digital Mini Controller and Programmer : GHT 3003

Product code: GHT3003

The P159CF is a single channel, ramp generator, panel mount, temperature controller and programmer unit which is used in power source units, usually as part of a set of six or twelve depending on the amount of channels in the unit.

The features of this unit include the ability to ramp up, soak and ramp down on the programme. It has a digital indication of load temperature or setpoint temperature and it has a range form 0-1200 degrees Centigrade at one degree intervals

Primary Input:      115V

Note that there is also a 230V version available with the product code GHT 3014

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* Ramp up, soak and ramp down program

* Digital indication of load temperature or set-point temperature.

* Elapsed time shown during soak period.

* Ability to switch between °C and °F from the front panel.

* Energy regulator mode (0 to 100% output cycle)

* Proportional and integral control enabling accurate temperature control.

Temperature range

0 - 1200°C in 1° intervals

Rate of rise/fall range

0 - 999°C in 1° intervals

Soak/Hold time range

0 - 100 hours in 1 minute intervals

Thermocouple input

Type K NiCr/NiAl

Input supply voltage

230V/115V, 50/60Hz


96mm x 48 mm x 127mm