Chino EH3127-001 Twelve Point Temperature Recorder

Product code: GHT2001

A popular, robust and simple to operate, analogue, temperature chart recorder used within the heat treatment industry throughout the world.


Used for recording pre and post weld heat treatment processes up to 1200°C, in conjunction with Globe’s range of mobile power source transformer heat treatment units. The recorder is housed within a resilient, powder coated, mild steel* case enabling it to withstand normal site conditions in all regions of the world.


• Twelve type K thermocouple sockets fitted to the rear of the unit

• Six chart speeds (12.5, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm/h)

• Chart and scale illumination allowing the operator to view the chart detail low light conditions

• High level of accuracy ±0.25%

• Twelve separate colour traces for clear identification of each temperature trace on the chart.

• One EH05035 (0-1200°C) chart paper supplied as standard

• Ergonomic folding handle fitted to each side of the case

• °F version available on request


Download datasheet file