70kVA Six Way Heat Treatment Centre with Six Channel P183 Programmer, a Chino 12 Point Recorder and Six Ammeters

Product code: GHT1204

This 70kVA, six channel unit provides six output channels of power and temperature control of up to twenty four, 65V, 45A, 2.7kW ceramic heating elements for preheating or post weld heat treatment of pipe or fabrication welds or other fabrications where controlled heating is required. The heat treatment process is controlled by a built in P183 six channel programmer for six channel program, automatic control. Recording is provided by a 12 channel, Chino EH3127-001 temperature chart recorder


The unit has been designed and manufactured for use on site in a variety of global industrial environments or inside a workshop. The chassis trolley design enables the unit to be easily moved around in typical site conditions.


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