FIP3 Flexible Insulated Preheater 60V : GHT 5501

Product code: GHT5501

For preheating, a flexible insulated preheater is used which is identical to the ceramic heater but with a superwool insulation mat encased in stainless steel mesh and a stainless steel backing attached. The preheater can be used on both a flat or curved surface and is attached to the pipe by a magnet (GHT 9307). The stainless steel backing allows the magnet to make a strong connection between the ceramic heater and the pipe quickly and with ease. These FIP’S are used to preheat up to a temperature of 250 Degrees C.

Globe’s standard preheaters are 60 volt, however alternative voltage preheaters can be made upon request. The preheater can also be made from tank track beads in the same design.

Specification:  75mm x 660mm (3 Beads x 32 Beads), 60 Volt, 2.7kW (CP3)


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