3 bead wide 30V ceramic pad heater : GHT 5004

3 bead wide 30V ceramic pad heater : GHT 5004

Product code: GHT5004

Provides 1.35kW of heating power for pre and post weld heat treatments.

Specification: 3 bead wide, 27 bead long ceramic pad heater, 1.35 kW, 45A,  30V

The 30 volt ceramic heater can work independently or can be used in series with another 30 volt ceramic heater to run at 60 volts, which is useful for smaller welds, when only a 60 volt output is available on a power source. To enable the 30 volt ceramic heaters to be used in series, one of the pair would be manufactured with a 60 amp female twistlock connector on one of the tails to connect the two ceramic heaters together.

The 30 volt ceramic heater element is manufactured from high grade nickel chrome (NiCr) 80/20 19 stranded wire. They are insulated with durable ceramic interlocking beads made of sintered alumina oxide. Each ceramic heater has a nickel 212 welded coil tail which enables the technician safe and easy access to the heater when in use. A white marker bead denotes the start of the cold tail. A twistlock connector complete with insulated sleeve is attached to the end of each tail to enable the ceramic heater to be connected to the 3 way splitter

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