We are pleased to announce our product of the month for June 2018…..

Globe’s 50kVA, 6 Way Mobile Power Source Transformer

Product code: GHT1001

Our competitively priced GHT1001 is one of the heat treatment world’s most popular, mobile 50kVA power source units.

With the key features detailed below, you can take advantage of these features by strengthening your existing fleet of heat treatment equipment or by acquiring this equipment for the first time and save costs by performing you own heat treatment in house rather than relying on costly on site heat treatment contractors (Note that we can offer a range of training solutions to support you in this).

To support you even further, we are offering our 50kVA, 6 Way Mobile Power Source Transformer to both new and existing customers at a special promotional price,( until the end of June 2018).

To receive details of our promotional price just email your quote request to us at enq@globeheat.com stating the Featured Product Reference Code number FPR046W :-

The 50kVA, 6 way mobile power source transformer, is housed in a robust, mild steel box section frame which has wheels fixed to the base for ease of movement. This transformer has the capacity to run eighteen, 60 volt, 2.7kw ceramic heaters from its secondary output supply.

The front control panel consists of six P159CF mini controllers and energy regulators which can be used to perform pre and post weld heat treatment. Neon indicator lights are fitted to enable the user to see clearly when a channel is calling for heat. It also features an auto/manual switch to allow the use of an external automatic temperature programmer. A pair of panel mounted twistlock sockets with a corresponding thermocouple socket is fitted to each channel to enable triple cable sets to be connected to provide power to the heating elements and provide control thermocouple input. An additional set of 6 Thermocouple sockets are also fitted to the rear of the unit to allow connection to additional recording and external programming equipment. The unit also features three 110v auxiliary sockets, a ventilation fan, main circuit breaker and multi pin control plug for use with external programmers. The transformer power source unit is CE marked.


  • Power Rating 50 kVA
  • Channels: 6
  • Primary Input: 380/415/440 Volts
  • Output: 65 Volts
  • Auxiliary Supply:   3 x 110 Volts
  • Weight 375 kg
  • Dimensions L: 110 cm x W 60cm x H 90cm
  • Product Code: GHT 1001


For additional technical information please click the following link:50kVA, 6 Way Mobile Power Source Transformer