PTC 160 Programmer : GHT 3001

Product code: GHT3001

The PTC 160 Programmer is a portable, easy to use, six control channel, heat treatment programmer. It is housed in a robust mild steel casing with a carry handle fitted to the top of the unit for ease of movement.

We also have the PTC160 in a panel mounted version (without steel case and thermocouple sockets)


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Microcontroller for accuracy, reliability and compactness

Digital Indication for set points and time

6 Controllers thermocouple inputs electrically isolated

Digital 6 Channel for actual temperature display

Ramp Hold Feature

Temperature settings for 'up' and 'down' rates

Battery Backup for mains failure

Rear Connectors for Thermocouple and Contactors

Control Lead with 7 pin multi socket

Temperature Settings

0 - 1200 Degrees C in 1 Degree C intervals

Rate of Rise/Fall Setting

1 - 999 Degrees C in 1 Degree C intervals

Time Setting

0 - 100 hours in 1 min steps


NiCr/NiAl, type K

Mains supply

110V as standard (240V on request)

Dimensions & Weight

270mm x 150mm x 425mm, 9.2kg

Product Code

GHT 3001