P159TDA : Digital Mini Controller and Programmer

Product code: GHT3043


Product Description: P159TDA : Digital Mini Controller and Programmer

The P159TDA is a single channel, panel mounted, temperature controller and programmer which is used in Globe’s range of heat treatment units .


For programming and controlling the post weld heat treatment and preheating of pipe welds and welded fabrications up to 1200°C


  • The program contains a start temperature, ramp up rate, hold temperature , hold time, ramp down rate and end temperature.
  • Twin digital displays indicating the process value (PV) i.e. actual workpiece temperature and the setpoint value (SV) i.e. the target temperature of each point in the process
  • Deviation alarm output, user selectable ( e.g. can be used as an overtemperature alarm output, or welding interpass temperature reached warning etc)
  • Each unit includes two mounting clips and two ferrite sleeves
  • Four Operating Modes :-
    • OFF -Temperature indication only
    • Auto – Ramps and hold program (for post weld heat treatment)
    • T.Con – Manual setpoint (for preheat)
    • E.rEG – Energy Regulator (proportional relay output only which does not use thermocouple input)


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