100kVA 12 Channel Mobile Heat Treatment Centre

Product code: GHT1209

Globe’s heat treatment centres provide a complete solution for heat treatment processes. The 100 kVA, 12 way mobile heat treatment centre with two integrated PTC160 programmers and Chino EH3127 temperature recorder, twelve mini temperature controllers and twelve energy regulators, is housed in a robust, steel box section frame which has wheels fixed to the base for ease of movement. This transformer has the capacity to run thirty six, 60 volt, 2.7 kW ceramic heaters from its secondary output supply. The front panel houses the PTC160 programmer, Chino temperature recorder,  mini temperature controllers and energy regulators and twelve neon indicator lights which allow the user to see clearly when a channel is in use.  The back of the control panel consists of twenty four 300 amp female panel mounted twistlocks and thermocouple sockets which enable the triple cable sets to be connected. The rear of the unit also features 3 x 110V auxiliary sockets, a ventilation fan, and main circuit breaker. The heat treatment centre is fully CE compliant.

Power: 100 kVA
 Channels:  12 Channels
 Primary Input:  380/415/440 Volts
 Output:  65 Volts
 Auxiliary Supply:  3 x 110 Volts
 Programmer: 2 x PTC160
 Recorder:  Chino EH3127-001, 12 Point
 Mini Controllers: 12
 Product Code:  GHT 1209
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Designed for the pre and post heat treatment of pipe and fabrication welds.


Fitted with one ammeter per channel as standard.


Transformer protected by 3 phase MCB with shunt trip and transform winding over temperature trip circuit.


36 x 2.7 kW standard ceramic heater elements (3 per channel)


605 kg